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and Divorce Lawyer

The farther down this page you read, you’ll start to feel you have come to the right place to protect your family law rights in Durham Region.

FACT: The Ontario family law and family court process can easily overwhelm you when you’re already dealing with the anxiety and frustration of your separation or divorce.

What could be more important than protecting your family law rights during this difficult time in your life?

When you meet with Thomas O’Malley, an experienced and skilled Durham Region family law and divorce lawyer, he takes the guesswork out of exactly what you have to do to safeguard your legal rights in your family law case, separation or divorce and get a fair and reasonable settlement with your former spouse.

Everyone one knows that using an established family lawyer like Thomas O’Malley is the best way to protect your family law rights and solve your legal problems.

More importantly, Thomas O’Malley can help you see an actual end to the family law or family court process and help you get to that goal more quickly.

How To Hire An Established Durham Region Family
and Divorce Lawyer

When you come to your initial consultation with Mr. O’Malley, you give him the details of your separation or family law case and your key concerns about dealing with your former spouse.  Then Mr. O’Malley will clearly explain your family law rights to you.

In short, he makes it much easier for you to protect your legal rights and get a good settlement with your former spouse.

You can turn to him with confidence that he’ll protect your family law rights in the most important areas of your case-child custody and access, child support, spousal support and the property issues.

Since you’re still here, I’m going to assume you know that you’ll get the critical family law advice you need to protect your legal rights when you come your initial appointment with Thomas O’Malley.

Protect Your Family Law Rights Today!

Just take a minute to imagine finishing your separation, divorce or family law with a fair and reasonable settlement that protects your family law rights!

It’s a nice feeling to finally be able to put this frustration and anxiety behind you, isn’t it?

At this point it is quite obvious what you need to do to protect your family law rights:  call Thomas O’Malley now at (905) 434-8837(905) 434-8837 to solve your family law problems.  The important thing is that you’re taking action today to safeguard your family law rights so you don’t get unacceptable results in your case.

Just imagine that heavy burden lifted off your shoulders when you find out exactly what you need to do protect your family law rights when you come to your consultation with Mr. O’Malley.  Don’t waste another moment!  Call today.