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How To Hire An Experienced Ajax Family and Divorce Lawyer

So there’s an experienced and top-notch Ajax family law and divorce lawyer named Thomas O’Malley who will tell you all the things-and exactly the things-you need to know to protect your legal rights and settle your family law issues.

And to start on the road to solving your family law issues, you just have to call and set up an appointment with Thomas O’Malley.

Call right now (905) 434-8837(905) 434-8837 and set up your consultation before your spouse does.

Every day, Thomas O’Malley is successfully protecting the legal rights of his clients, negotiating reasonable settlements for his clients, and diligently representing his clients in court.

When you come to your consultation with Mr. O’Malley, he’ll give you a bird’s-eye view of your family law issues.  He’ll work hard to settle your legal issues with his no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach so that you fly over the difficult issues in your case.

Plus, he keeps you informed on the critical issues in your family law case as he moves your case forward to a reasonable settlement that protects your legal rights.

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Protect Your Family Law Rights Today!

So here’s the deal:

Call Thomas O’Malley today at (905) 434-8837(905) 434-8837 to set up your appointment to protect your legal rights and solve your family law issues.

Don’t settle for anything less.

Thank you for your consideration to do business with us.  We are always as close as your phone.  Please call anytime.