How We Handle Your Case

We Work Hard To Protect Your Legal Rights
In Your Separation or Divorce

As you study every word of this page, you will become amazed at how easy you will find it to work with our law office.

What’s it like to work with Thomas O’Malley, family law and divorce lawyer, and his staff? We help spouses who are getting separated or divorced or who have family law issues after their separation or divorce to protect their legal rights and reach a reasonable settlement with their spouse.

We also represent spouses in court to protect their legal rights in their separation or divorce when settlement without court seems unlikely in the circumstances.

What results can you expect from our help?

You can stop worrying about where to go to get help with your separation or divorce. You have immediate access to an experienced family law lawyer who protects your legal rights.

Object number one: Results. Legal work must be held accountable.  You don’t want to waste money on legal work that doesn’t get you anywhere.  We will give you a frank and complete assessment of the merits of your case.  We will tell you clearly whether it makes sense to take a particular legal position on each legal issue in your case.  Together, we set specific, reasonable, and measurable goals.  Then we take the action necessary to accomplish those goals.

Let me confess something: I love it when we get good results for our clients.  It’s great to see the relieved look on our clients’ faces when they know that we have helped them solve their family law or divorce legal issues.

As you keep reading this web page, you know and feel your consultation with Thomas O’Malley is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Now, I can almost hear your mind saying how fast can I set up a consultation with Thomas O’Malley.

But enough from us.  Now it’s your turn.

Call us now at (905) 434-8837(905) 434-8837 to start down the road to solving your separation, divorce and family law issues.

Keep These Important Facts In Mind

Our clients get a lot of attention. Your legal work for your separation or divorce is very important.  Missing deadlines is not an option.  Whether in person, by mail, or by phone, we keep you up-to-date on your case and keep your legal work moving along towards completion.

Your phone calls are returned within 24 hours, Monday to Friday, so that you have peace of mind about your legal rights and your case.

We also pay attention to the details. We pay careful attention to all aspects of your legal work.  It is important that all legal issues in your case are carefully addressed so that we can achieve reasonable resolution and results for you.

We work to help you have less stress in a very stressful time for you.
When you work with our law office, we work very hard to help you experience less stress during the stressful time of your separation or divorce.

Imagine for a moment, that it’s four months from today, and you are enjoying true peace of mind when you have put these difficult legal issues behind you.

FACT: You have your own experienced family law lawyer on your side. You will be confident and secure in the knowledge you have someone who is totally on your side and protects your legal rights so that you can get a reasonable settlement or resolution of your family law issues.

You will know exactly what are your legal rights in your particular situation from an experienced family law lawyer so that you can make the best decisions to protect your legal rights in your separation or divorce.

Here’s the bottom line…You will have no surprises about the results you will get in your situation. In fact, you will know specifically what you are entitled to get in your separation or divorce pursuant to the applicable family and divorce law.

No wasted time.  When you hire us to help solve your legal issues, you won’t have to waste any time at your appointments. You get to see the family law lawyer exactly at your appointment time. Your valuable time is respected.

Well-trained staff to help in every aspect of your situation to help the family law lawyer protect your legal rights. Our legal staff treats you with the respect you are entitled to!

You get free legal advice after your case is settled when you need some quick advice.

STOP and ask yourself where you will be in the next two or three months if you don’t call us (at (905) 434-8837(905) 434-8837) to set up an appointment.

Get started now to solve your divorce, separation or family law problems.  It’s up to you.

What This All Boils Down To is Simple:

We protect your legal rights in your separation or divorce. Our approach is to reach a reasonable settlement with your spouse without going to court to protect your legal rights.  We will definitely, however, represent you in court to protect your legal rights when it is not possible to reach a reasonable settlement or agreement without court.

We appreciate you as an individual.  We get to know you personally as well as your legal situation. We listen to you: whats important to you, what your priorities are, what challenges and problems you are facing and how you want things to be different.  We work with you to protect your legal rights in your separation or divorce and to implement strategies that would best serve you, our client.

We operate with the highest level of integrity. We are always open and honest with our clients-we tell it like we see it.  If something is not working, we don’t kid ourselves or you that things are okay.  We don’t believe in wasting your valuable time-or ours-on strategies and approaches that aren’t getting measurable results.

We are easy to work with. We carefully listen to you to understand your personal situation.  We listen carefully to your concerns and issues in our meetings with you and on the telephone.  We provide quick responses and answers to your telephone calls.

We are above all, flexible. Different clients need different things.  One size does not fit all.  We approach each case and client situation with the same approach: We design the legal solutions that best suit and satisfy each client’s needs and wants.

Aren’t these the benefits you want from your lawyer and his law office?

Clearly you can see how Thomas OMalley and his legal staff can help solve your separation and divorce problems when you hire him. 

Please call us now at (905) 434-8837(905) 434-8837 to start getting the legal help you need to solve your separation, divorce or family law problems.

The O’Malley Law Office Strategy

We will take the time to get to know you and your goals before we recommend a legal solution. We’ll learn about your family history, your present situation and your goals for the future.  Only then will we present legal recommendations and solutions for moving forward.  Drawing on our experience in family law, we will work with you to protect your legal rights in your separation or divorce.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us and our approach to working with clients, please go next to Our Services and Solutions page to discover the specific services we offer to our clients.

Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity

Primarily people set up their consultation the first time they come to our website by calling us at (905) 434-8837(905) 434-8837 since they want to settle their outstanding family law and divorce issues so that they can move on with their life now.

So consider:

Right now, you hold in your hands the key to your future.  Will you start moving toward enjoying your new life and putting your past behind you by taking action today to start solving your divorce and family law problems?  Or will you do nothing?  It’s up to you.  But I certainly hope you do choose the path that will change your life…for the better!

You deserve a lot of credit for taking charge of your life.

When you wake up tomorrow morning, you will think of all the benefits of using our legal services.