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Let’s be honest. What’s more important that who gets custody of your children when you are going through a separation or divorce? Or even worse, you are dealing with this critical issue in family court in Oshawa or a nearby community?

You’ve come to the right place to find out more about your legal rights when it comes to dealing with custody of your children.

What does custody actually mean? Custody refers to which parent makes the important decisions about your children’s lives. This includes decisions about their school, health, religion, and sport activities.

When a parent has “sole custody” of the children, a parent can make all these important decisions for their children. In this situation, the children normally live with the parent on a full-time basis.

When parents have joint custody of their children, they must consult with each other about the major decisions affecting their children, including education, medical issues, religion, and extracurricular activities. Joint custody does not necessarily mean that the children live with each parent on an equal basis.

The key to joint custody is that you must get along with the other parent. You must be able to make decisions about your children in a co-operative, helpful manner. If you and your spouse are always arguing about the issues in your children’s lives, joint custody probably will not work.

You are entitled to regular access to your children regardless of the custody situation in your separation or divorce. You are entitled to all information about your children from third parties, such as schools and doctors.

The ultimate test for determining custody in your case is what is in the best interests of your children. The family law court will examine the details of your situation and determine the best custody arrangement for your children when you and your spouse cannot agree on the proper custody arrangement in your situation.

You might even careful consideration to creating a detailed parenting plan that covers most aspects of your children’s lives so that there is no misunderstanding about how your children should be raised.

You should first see if you can negotiate the proper custody and parenting arrangements in a separation agreement with your spouse. When your spouse is taking an unreasonable position about child custody and access in your separation or divorce, you should seriously consider taking the matter to family court in Oshawa so that the important issue of child custody can be resolved.

Durham Region-Oshawa Family Law and Divorce Lawyer

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