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It’s hard enough dealing with your separation or divorce without having to worry about actually going to family court to solve your family law issues.

That’s the number one advantage of negotiating a separation agreement to resolve the family law issues in your case. When you negotiate a separation agreement with your spouse, you avoid the emotionally-draining and costly process of solving your family law issues in court.

What is a separation agreement? A separation agreement is a written agreement that sets out how you and your former spouse will deal with the important issues in your separation. These issues include custody of your children, access to your children, child support, spousal support and property issues, such as the matrimonial home.

However, you cannot protect your legal rights in a separation agreement unless you get full financial disclosure from your spouse. You and your spouse must prepare a detailed financial statement in which you set out your income, monthly expenses, assets and debts. You also want to make sure your spouse provides the documents that verify the information in their financial statement.

You must not try to negotiate a separation on your own without an experienced family law and divorce lawyer. If you don’t use a veteran family lawyer, you can easily end up with a poor separation agreement that does not protect your legal rights.

Your family lawyer will advise you about what are reasonable terms that should be put in your separation agreement. Should you have sole custody or joint custody of your children? How much spousal support, if any, should be paid in your particular case? How should you deal with your home? Do you need to sell the home or can you keep it? Your family lawyer will give you the answers to these important questions in your family law case.

You should usually expect your spouse to want certain changes to your proposed separation agreement. Both spouses must have some “give-and-take” to reach a final settlement of their family law matters in a separation agreement.

Durham Region-Ajax Family Law and Divorce Lawyer

Imagine what it would it be like when you and your former spouse have a completed separation agreement.

Clearly, you’re much more likely to get a finalized separation agreement that solves your family law issues and keeps you out of family court when you have an accomplished family law and divorce lawyer working for you to get a completed separation agreement.

You’ve certainly come to the right place to solve your separation and divorce legal issues. When you come to your initial consultation with Thomas O’Malley, an experienced family law and divorce lawyer in Ajax, you’ll find out the details you need to know to protect your family law rights with a separation agreement.

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In just a short while you can be on the road to settling your family law issues with a separation agreement that protects you family law rights.