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Let’s face it. More and more spouses are involved with the end of a marriage or common-law relationship.

Like most people, you’re wondering what’s the difference between a separation and a divorce.

Look no further for the answers to your separation, divorce and family law questions. It’s all right here in these web pages.

Now let’s answer your question about separation and divorce…

When you are legally married to your spouse, you can only end or dissolve your marriage by getting a divorce from your spouse. However, even if you want to divorce your spouse, there are many other issues that are often involved in a divorce situation. These other issues usually involve child custody, access to the children, child support, spousal support, and the property issues.

You are divorced when you have obtained a court order for a divorce that legally ends your marriage. You are separated from your spouse when you are no longer living with your spouse, whether you are married or in a common-law relationship.

A formal legal separation involves coming to an agreement with your former spouse usually with a separation agreement about these family law issues. Whereas a divorce will formally end your marriage to your spouse, a legal separation deals with all the issues related to your separation from your spouse. A legal separation does not mean that you have divorced your spouse. You can only get a divorce by formally filing court papers and you have to get a formal or official divorce order and divorce certificate from the court.

In other words, a divorce legally ends your marriage and a legal separation involves getting a separation agreement that solves your outstanding family law issues. A separation agreement does not give you a divorce from your spouse.

When you have to deal with issues, such as child support, child custody and access, spousal support, and property issues, you should first try to negotiate a separation agreement with your spouse to resolve these issues. If you do not handle these issues through a separation agreement, you will probably have to go to family court to deal with these issues.

If you are living with your spouse but you were never married your spouse, you should still negotiate a separation agreement to deal with the issues of child custody and access and spousal support when the relationship is over.

Durham Region-Whitby Family Law and Divorce Lawyer

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